In 2015 Widow Makers presented a sneak preview of what to expect to those who attended the famous ‘Ton Up Day’ event held at Jack’s Hill Cafe in Towcester, Northamptonshire.  Widow Makers showed illustrations completed together with our merchandise and following a very successful day a number of new commissions have been requested.
Whilst attending the event, Stuart from Widow Makers worked with Tom White at Black Rock Creative who filmed the finishing touches of a promotional video for Widow Makers showing the presentation of an illustration completed just days previously to Johnny ‘Chester’ Dowling - the culmination of days of planning, drawing, filming & tea-drinking - we hope that you agree that the illustration is a fitting tribute to what is a lovely machine and that the video captures the essence of a bygone era of motorcycling.
Widow Makers was so happy with the video that we couldn’t wait to show it to you all - we hope you love it as much as we do !
As we said earlier this website is very new and we have further galleries to be added soon for Digital art, Ball Point, Graphite art and Photography. Please check back regular to see further updates to these galleries.
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